Outstaffing Solutions


Outstaffing Solutions

We offer flexible outstaffing solutions depends on your needs:

  〉  In case of short-term staff increase needs related to seasonal activities, advertising and marketing campaigns, expansion into new sectors, etc.

  〉  For projects with indefinite term or limited opportunities to hire your own staff;

  〉  When new foreign companies enter to the Bulgarian market, outstaffing is an effective opportunity to establish and develop business without bureaucratic and administrative burden.

We provide solutions which may have the following advantages for your business:

  〉  Flexibility in planning and management of your business;

  〉  Opportunity to focus on your core business;

  〉  Reduction of your tasks and responsibilities as an employer;

  〉  Increase of the efficiency in the operational management of the staff;

  〉  Cost optimization of administrative, organizational and accounting activities;

  〉  Opportunity to use additional personnel in a limited headcount or salary budget.

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We believe that we offer solutions, not services.